Feng Shui for the Bedroom

To make your bedroom appear larger, place the head of the bed on the wall farthest from the door.

Feng Shui (the practice of creating an environment with good energy) teaches that you should have a view of the door to the bedroom from the bed. Being able to see the door will give you a more peaceful sleep.

Some people may think that Feng Shui is some crazy middle eastern practice. In actuality it is very present in our everyday lives.

Think about going to someone’s home for the first time. You walk in the front door and the first thing you see is a desk, cluttered and unorganized. Now imagine walking into a house and you see a comfortable couch with pillows, a warm color painted on the walls. Subconsciously each of the two situations would create a good or bad energy for the person entering the home. In the first situation you would automatically feel stressed and not want to stay long, consciously or subconsciously. In the second situation, when you walk into a home and the first thing you see is an inviting seating area, you feel relaxed and welcome.


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