A few decorating tips from Bunny Williams


1} “Color should be complicated.  Break out of the rigidly coordinated schemes that most people rely on.  Instead, build on a base of varied neutrals, and add dashes of boldness throughout.  Think Impressionism, not paint-by-number.

2} Matching is for beginners.  Distinct eras and materials are better when blended.  If I have an antique wooden chest, I’ll put a steel lamp on top…

3}Buy with the future in mind.  Consider the larger items, like sofas, as quality backdrops, not the stars of the show.  That way, you don’t get sick of them as your taste changes.

4} Keep an eye on scale.  It’s okay if your husband needs his oversize armchair, but balance it with leggy chairs and benches.  And when it comes to hanging art on the walls, the bigger, the better.

5} When in doubt, add gold.  I always search out shiny things when I’m browsing flea markets.  Every room needs a little sparkle.”

Bunny Williams as quoted in this month’s Domino Magazine {last issue ever :(   }

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