New Desk Chair

I am in major need of a new desk chair… I have had the same icky black generic one since Freshman year of college and I hate it.  I am breaking one of my own rules to not keep anything in your home you don’t love.  But I’ve learned in decorating focus on one thing at a time or you will get over whelmed.  I’ve got bigger things on my plate right now, so the chair will have to wait.

Here are some options:

Love this!  Ooh La La Swivel Chair from PB Teen:


PB Teen Swivel Desk Chair:  {I like the white & green}


I first noticed the Jules chair from IKEA because it is my namesake.  It is cute though, in real life it is more of a pale pink.  I think it might get uncomfortable to sit in too long though:


I love Skruvsta from IKEA also, just not the pattern on it.  It was very comfy when I tested it:


The Swivel Desk Chair from PB {yes very similar to the teen version} is already in my wish list {right hand column}:


I think I may like the Montego version better from PB:


Ryden from PB, lovely, simple and on sale:


Sorry Target, I will not be buying this one:


Eerily similar to the PB one (see above).  Swivel Armless Office Chair from Target:


I love the while Bungalow collection from Crate & Barrel:


After all that, I really like the first one, the ooh la la chair from PB teen.

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