Site of the Week: 1st Dibs

Antiques scare me… who knows who owned them or if they died on the piece of furniture?  I know it is majorly weird.

I am going to have to get over my phobia because I am beginning to LOVE the website 1st Dibs.  It lists antiques from various dealers.  Here are some great things on there right now.  I am not going to link them as they will surely be snatched up by the time you read this.

1940’s High Back Sleigh Chairs:


Osler Wall Lights:  My whole house would not be decorated in this style… any room or house does not need one style or era.  Mix styles!


Oooooooo love this: 1920s French Giltwood Sunburst Mirror:


Be sure to check the site out!

While I am on the topic of Antiques, be sure to check out the DC Spring Antiques Show this March.


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