C2 Paint


I was at a local paint store the other day picking up a fan deck-  I asked the dude who worked there (for lack of a better term- paint guy?) if Benjamin Moore was the paint they sold the most of.  He said yes and that he wished it wasn’t so.  He recommended C2 paint- it is a European paint which he raved about.

C2 is mixed using 4 additional pigments that most other brands of paint do not use, which creates a richer, deeper color.  They have a line of low VOC paints called LoVo, if that is your thing.

VOC’s, Volatile Organic Compounds are elements in paint that make it smell like chemicals and apparently not so good for the environment.  You can find paints with no VOC’s but I’ve heard they are not the best quality of paint.  Not to run Duron under the bus, but I have heard that they traditionally have been known to have very stinky paints which means they probably contained quite a lot of VOC’s.  Hopefully they have cleaned up their act, it looks like they have from their website.

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