Feng Shui Classes

I am dying to take some classes on Feng Shui, I have read one book about it (The Western Guide to Feng Shui: Room By Room) and I want to learn more.


Here are some schools that teach Feng Shui- I’m not sure what I will go with, I have just been browsing the internet and this is what I have come up with so far:

The Western School of Feng Shui– most of their classes appears to be in California, unfortunately.  They do have an online class on the Bagua map- the Bagua map I think is a little too new agey for me and I am not interested in the more advanced theories of Feng Shui, just the basics.  The author of the book I mentioned above runs this school so I am inclined to go with them.

The American Feng Shui Institute– they do have online courses which do look interesting, I would like to do more research on them before I give them my $80 to make sure they aren’t quacks.

The Feng Shui Learning Center– way more than I would ever pay, sorry.

For those of you who have no idea what Feng Shui is:  FS is, or what I have gathered it to be is the practice of creating good energy in a space.  It is unseen and affects everyone.  Some people can pick up on it, others don’t and probably won’t even understand what I am talking about when I say “good energy.”

Some basics of FS:

-When you enter a home, it should be a welcoming sight (and smell!).  No one wants to enter a home a trip over a door mat or shoes,  see a huge pile of clutter when they walk in or immediately walk in to a piece of furniture that is too near the entry.  Allow plenty of space in the foyer to allow guests to hang there for a second when they first enter.  Make sure they are greeted with a beautiful image: a cozy seating area or a beautiful view out to your garden.  FS suggests not hanging mirrors directly opposite the door as it will direct energy out the door.  That is some of the new-agey part so take it with a grain of salt.

-Don’t keep items in your home that don’t make you happy.  Furniture that you bought with your ex-husband, artwork you hate- if you don’t like it, it will create bad energy in the space it is in.  Get rid of it if it has negative associations with it.

-Fake flowers and dead flowers = no no.  You want your home to promote life.  What a downer dead plants are.  Beautiful, healthy plants and flowers can bring such a great energy into a space.

There are many more basic aspects to FS, that is enough for now, maybe more later.

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