I judge you by your clothes hangers

Yes I really do.  Let’s see what grade you get in my book:

wire_hangerwire hangers = FAIL

Shame on you!  They are cheap, unattractive and bad for your clothes.  Toss them!

organizeeverything1_2041_763502096Plastic Hangers = B…. much better!


Wood Hangers = A+… 10 stars for you!


The goal is to have all your clothes on the same color and type of hanger.  Right now I only use white tubular plastic hangers from Target since they are cheap, eventually I will upgrade to all wooden.  Wooden hangers are ideal- they make your closet look oh so sophisticated and uniform.

Moral of the story- toss the icky wire hangers you get from the cleaners!  Pick a style and stick with it.

2 thoughts on “I judge you by your clothes hangers

  1. I just changed all my hangers to white plastic ones! I remember you being crazy about this when we lived together. And I must admit….WAAAAY better. Now on to Kelsey’s closet! HELP!

  2. LOOK!! The Comments are fixed! Yay!! So now I can say what I have been meaning to say since I saw your post originally.

    NO. WIRE. HANGERS. EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, I just had to!!!

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