Paring Down the Mail


I’m sure most of you toss a fair amount of the mail you get everyday- instead of tossing it how about getting yourself off the mailing lists?  Here are some great sources to stop the mail at the source.

Try Opt Out Pre Screen to notify the major credit bureaus that you don’t want credit card offers.

Contact the Direct Marketing Association to have the names of everyone in your house taken off the list that they supply to advertisers.

To stop Valpak coupons, go here (I actually like getting the coupons they send so I have never contacted them).

You can pay or Tonic Mailstopper to contact advertisers for you.

And lastly is a site where you can go and control which specific catalogs you do and don’t want.

I am getting mail constantly for random people who at one time lived in my house.  As soon as I get them I cross out their name and write either “RTS (Return to Sender)” or “Refused” or “Doesn’t live here.”  You can also write “Refused” on any mail that you don’t want to be receiving.

My goal is to make like simpler- cutting down the amount of paper that comes into my house is one step in living a simple life.  And oh yeah, it will save a tree or two :).

PS- this article was also published at Tots2Tweens.

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