Lovely, Open and Airy Kitchen

I am consulting with a client on his kitchen renovation (it is a complete flip job) so I wanted to share some of the inspiration for the room.

He found a kitchen that he loved at This Old House.  It is a beautiful kitchen- very open and airy:




The tin ceilings are from M-Boss.  Talk about adding character to a room!  You can also find tin ceilings at The American Tin Ceiling Co. or The Tin Ceiling Depot as well as a gazillion other places.  They are just about the coolest things ever, huh?  I once saw the tin panels painted a cream color and used as the backsplash in a kitchen- it was to die for.  Absolutely goregous.

The inspiration kitchen has some awesome open shelving which I am a huge fan of.  I think people generally cram way to much stuff into their cabinets and rarely use the majority of it.  Open shelving gives you the opportunity to display your lovely tableware and keeps you in check so that you don’t hang on to way more stuff than you need.

The February 2009 Issue of Country Living Magazine has a lovely example of open shelving done right- here is a picture of the kichen of Interior Designer Nancy Taylor:


If you’ll scroll up you’ll see the awesome antique oven in the inspiration kitchen.

Elmira Stove Works sells some great reproduction ranges:


And for the real thing, visit Antique Appliances.

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