Final Presentation Today

I have not had a free minute in the past week- between going up to NYC for my sister’s graduation and working day and night on my final presentation that is tonight for my Interior Design class.  Here is a SMALL glimpse of what I have been working on:

Kitchen Plan:kitchenplan

Power Plan for the Kitchen: (yeah a little crooked, I’m gonna fix that before tonight)

powerplanThey are part of a house that I have been designing all semester and have to present tonight.  I would put up the entire floor plan but I don’t have it scanned right now.

I’ll be back posting like crazy this weekend! (BTW, I also just got a HUGE client that I am organizing, I think I mentioned it a few posts back…. she is a hoarder and we are are completely packing up here entire life…. it is taking up a lot of time and energy).

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