Magazines Coming Out My Ears….


I have been so busy lately with my massive final project for my Interior Design class (done! presented last night…) and with this new client I am organizing for that I am way behind on my magazine reading.

Sorry for the crappy resolution, I took the pic with my iPhone since my brand new Canon digital camera decided to stop working (this probably could be contributed to me spilling my water bottle in my purse about 5 times since buying it).

For those of you that are curious, in the pile in order is:

2 weeks ago Washington Post Home Section (got through this morning’s right away- yay!)

Southern Accents

Real Simple

Lucky (what they send me now since Domino kicked the bucket, so sad…)

Country Living

House Beautiful

Better Homes and Gardens

Cottage Style

Bon Appetit

Architectural Digest

Elle Decor (a fave)

and last but not least, Kitchen & Bath Design News

In case you are interested, I also subscribe to:

Martha Stewart Living, Southern Living, Kraft Food & Family, Everyday Food, This Old House, ReadyMade, DIY… I’m sure I am forgetting about at least 5 more…

I have become a magazine junkie and I get a lot of great ideas for my house and blog from my many magazines.  I also would like to start getting Good Housekeeping and The O Magazine, but I’m not in a rush because I have plenty ro read!

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