Clapping Out Bad Energy

I really love reading and studying about the practice of Feng Shui.  I’m all about bringing good energy into your home and getting rid of the bad.  I ran across this article when I did a google search on “clapping out bad energy.”  I saw someone do it on Jeff Lewis’ show Flipping Out a while back so I have been wanting to read up about it.  I know it seems a little out there but I love this stuff.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer

How To … Remove bad energy from home

Last updated April 1, 2008 9:51 a.m. PT

Some house cleansing happens naturally, when seasonal warmth prompts people to throw open doors and windows to let in freshness and light. Emotional cleansing goes one step further by encouraging people to seek positive energy in their homes.

Anyone can perform an emotional house cleansing as long as the intent is to strengthen relationships and connect with nature.

Cathleen McCandless, the owner of San Diego Feng Shui, stresses that feng shui is not a religious practice but a study of people in their space. She provides clients with this do-it-yourself house cleansing list.

  • Do a traditional spring surface cleaning.
  • Open all doors and windows, including shades.
  • Take down negative photos.
  • Get rid of dead or dying plants.
  • Put out fresh flowers.
  • Light a candle.
  • Burn incense or use essential oils.
  • Put on inspiring music.
  • Say a prayer.
  • Declutter.Ellen Whitehurst has blessed the homes of celebrities such as Joy Behar from “The View.” Her book, “Make This Your Lucky Day,” includes this advice for completing a house-blessing ceremony after moving into a new home.
  • Eastern traditions use water as a cleansing agent. Add nine pieces of orange peel the size of a quarter to a bowl of fresh water. Walk around inside the house in a clockwise direction, starting at the front door, flicking the water from the bowl everywhere from the ceiling to the baseboards.
  • Orthodox traditions call for clapping out bad energy that collects in the corner of each room. Everything in nature travels in a spiral, but energy can get stuck. Clap three times loudly in the corners to disperse the energy and then open doors and windows to allow the bad energy to leave.
  • A third option involves putting spring water in a regular spray bottle, then adding 10 drops each of lavender and tea tree essential oils. Both are known disinfectants and have antibacterial agents. Walk around the home spraying the mixture, especially in corners. If you use this method, it’s not necessary to open the windows and doors, as the oils will disperse and absorb any negativity.– The Denver Post

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