Tip of the Day: Take It Slow

I’ve put this quote up before, but it needs repeating:

“Decorating, when not approached as a natural extension of who you really are, can be harmful, especially when it becomes so enslaved to status and fashion that it becomes artificial.  If more people would live honestly, putting the things they love around them, I believe Americans would be far less anxious and disappointed.”

Alexandra Stoddard, as quoted in Nesting: It’s A Chick Thing

Decorating is not something to be done in a hurry nor should it be done by spending a lot of money on meaningless things.  If you take your time and by things that are precious to you, your home will evolve into a lovely place with some great energy.

Another favorite quote which I have posted before:

“Matching is for beginners…”

-Bunny Williams

I love Bunny Williams and I love that quote.  Mix things up.  Bed in a bag sets are nice for your dorm room, but not when you are trying to decorate your home and add your special touch to it.

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