A New Direction…

Lately I’ve been thinking and praying a lot about what I should do with my degree (not that I am anywhere close to getting it).  There are so many different directions one could take with an interior design degree:

  • residential interiors
  • commercial interiors
  • working at an architecture or design/ build firm
  • writing
  • exhibition design
  • any profession dealing with AutoCAD
  • blogging
  • teaching
  • etc, etc…..

I love love love blogging and writing and researching and plan on doing this for a long, long time.  As for my real job I am hoping to have my own full scale design business going by the time I graduate doing residential interiors and event planning.

My first job out of college working on a political campaign involved a ton of event planning which I loved and I miss doing.  Before I decided to go back to school for my MA in Interior Design I tried very hard to get a job with event planning firms to no avail.

So I have decided that within the interior design field I’d like to focus on creating beautiful, organized events.

Just a head’s up on the new direction of my business!

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