Design Dilemma: Sliding Glass Doors


My friend Erika isn’t quite sure what do do for window coverings in her living room.  There is a lot going on here, the four small windows up top, a sliding glass doors and two normal windows.

I suggested she take down the blinds covering the 4 high windows which she did.  I didn’t think they were really necessary there- they are so high up that no one would look in there and they let in great light.

I’m not the expert of window coverings for sliding glass doors so I suggested she talk to a store like Next Day Blinds to see what they would suggest.

Ideally I would love to see Bamboo Roman Shades covering the lower windows, but the current ones can stay as a cheaper alternative.

I would put up one curtain panel on the right curtain rod all the way on the right side of it.  I would mirror that by having panels hanging on the left hand side of the curtain rod that is above the sliding glass doors.  She would probably need two up there to cover the doors at night.

A cornice box atop the sliding glass doors would also look great- sheers or panels could go up underneath it.

More to come as I do some more research…

One thought on “Design Dilemma: Sliding Glass Doors

  1. Hi Julie,
    Just looking for french door window treatments and I came across your website…thanks!
    How about hanging panels from the ceiling to floor on either side of both sets of windows? I think this would be a great look for your friend’s high ceiling – it would unite the windows and soften the room. I agree about letting the light in the top. Maybe sheers that traverse behind the panels could help with privacy and light control.

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