Living Room Curtains

A few months ago I posted here how I was wanting to spruce up my living room.  One of the biggest things that I want to update is the window treatments.  Updating your window treatments is a quick and (can be) cheap way to give your living room a face lift.  My philosophy on hanging panels is to hang them high and wide- it will make your windows appear larger and your walls higher.

Here is the inspiration board I put together a while back that showed a basic idea of what I am looking for:



Right now these curtains are in my living room.  Sorry I would post the pic but for some reason it won’t let me today.  They were quick and cheap (gotta love IKEA) and are doing the trick until I get what I really want up there.

A great example of what I want my windows to look like is on the set of the TV show Will & Grace:


I love, love, love how wooden blinds behind panels looks.  As soon as I have money I am getting some wooden or bamboo blinds.

I have been on a mission for the past few months to find navy blue curtains exactly like the ones in the Will & Grace living room.  I can find dark blue but what I want is a dark, dark velvety navy blue, which I have yet to find.  I am about to resort to going to G Street Fabrics and buying me own fabric and sewing them (which is no problem because I know how to sew and window panels are fairly straight forward).

Some other great resources for window treatments are:

Calico Corners


Country Curtains


Pier 1

Pottery Barn

Restoration Hardware

and of course, my Black Book.

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