Hanging Pot Racks

Whenever, and if ever I have the money to design my dream kitchen I will be sure to have a pot rack hanging directly over a butcher block island.   I attribute this directly to my love of the kitchen in Father of the Bride.  Not just the kitchen, I love the design of the entire house.  Nancy Meyers directed FOTB and I pretty much am in love with the set design of every single one of her movies… The Holiday, Something’s Gotta Give, It’s Complicated.  If and when I ever finish my MA Interior Design degree I would love to be a set designer, but I digress, back to pot racks… (PS stay tuned for a post on my love affair with Nancy Meyers set design)…

I’ve written about my love for hanging pot racks here before, and I had totally forgotten about it until today.  I just however stumbled upon potracksource.com and now my life is complete.  Well, it will be when I own one.

Isn’t it lovely:

Especially over a butcher block island:

And beadboard cabinets painted butter yellow, a farm house sink, subway tile, nautical pendant lamps……  Ok, back to reality.

For now, here are some pictures of the Father of the Bride that has inspired my love for pot racks:

Nancy Meyers love affair post coming soon1  Stay tuned…

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