Gardening = Fail


My plants have died, it hasn’t even been in month since I ‘planted them.’  The probable reasons are:

1.  I never could remember to water them, even with a full watering can sitting right by the dying plants.

2.  I never planted them, they are still in the plastic containers they came in, just shoved into the white pot.  Because I was lazy, and because I thought they might stand a better chance of living if I did not take them out of their current home.

3.  I bought them way to early… I think I got way too excited on one of the first nice days in March and joined the masses at Merrifield Garden Center to pick up some plants.  I was just going to pick up a new batch of pine straw and couldn’t help myself… they were so pretty.  It was too early to have plants out… we still had some cold (and then some very hot) days still which did not agree with my pretty plants.

Speaking of pine straw, here are a few shots of my new pine straw in action:

I love pine straw… it’s so… not mulch… so classic southern.  And it’s cheap ($10 a bushel) and easy to lay down!

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