Important Updates

My oh my it was been a busy summer- I feel like I haven’t gotten a chance to experience it yet.  Thankfully I am going to the Outer Banks next week, so that takes care of that!

Once I return from the beach I am going to be doing some major downgrading of the blog.  Right now I use and Blue Host to run the blog.  Seeing as I don’t post all too often, and I don’t know how to utilize all the fancy things you can do with self hosting, I think it is just a waste of money to keep it this way. Sooo, I am going to be switching back to wordpress hosted in the next few weeks. is going away, since I started this blog while I was in Design school, and now I think I want to take this blog in more of a cooking direction.  The new url will either be  I am hoping that will take you over to the new site automatically until I let the domain expire, but that is beyond me.  Thankfully I have found a blog designer who will be able to magically do this for me, since I have no idea what I am doing.

Well I started this post as ‘My Kitchen Wish List September 2010’ but somehow it ended up as an update post.  Kitchen Wish List coming soon!

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