New, Basic Wardrobe

I need a new wardrobe.  I have tons and tons and tons of clothes, more than I wear or need, but I’m getting older and my style is changing, and more than ever I need a more professional wardrobe.  I find that I have a ton of sweaters… I hate sweaters.  I have probably 15+ pairs of pants…. I hate pants.  Hate, hate pants, I don’t know why I buy them.  The only pants I wear and love are jeans, and these days I am only wearing skinny jeans.  I wish I had jumped on the skinny jeans train a looong time ago, I’m pretty sure I will never go back to boot cut.

{Gap Forever Skinny Jeans, my favorite jeans}

{My other favorite jeans, BDG Skinny Jean… I found them at Urban Outfitters}

So, I need to get rid of a ton of the junk I have that I never wear and focus on some basics.  My favorite combo of clothes skinny jeans + knee high boots:

{Sigh, the Frye Jane boots which won’t fit over my calves…}

+ a blazer

{J.Crew Navy Schoolboy Blazer}

or a blousy, flowy top:

{Am I old enough yet to wear Nanette Lepore?}

Now all I need is a couple thousand $$ to drop on this lovely new wardrobe… until then I’m sticking with what I’ve got : )

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