{Don’t mind my wrinkly sheets}

All six of these magazines came in my swag bag I got at the Virginia Association of Bridal Consultants state meeting that I went to yesterday.  If I were newly engaged I would be totally overwhelmed by the amount of info that is out there to help you plan your wedding.    When I get overwhelmed I panic, shut down and nothing gets done.  I would recommend just picking one website to help you plan, one magazine and go from there.  This is where getting a wedding planner comes in.  A lot of people’s objections to hiring a wedding planner is that they are perfectly capable of planning an event themselves, which is true (in most cases).  But a wedding planner can help you sort through this mess and the 8,000 vendors being shoved down your throat.  Wedding planners have go-to florists, DJs, venues, and caterers that they know are the best and that they have worked with.  They can save you so much time and worrying.  I didn’t start this post out intending to sing the praised of hiring a wedding planner, but there you go.  Now I’m off to read my magazines.

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