My Makeup Essentials

A few years ago my New Years Resolution was to never leave without mascara on.  The habit stuck and now I won’t leave house without it.  If I could only wear one product for the rest of my life it would be mascara, I think it is the single product that makes the biggest difference.  I’ve worn Clinique since middle school since my step mom took me to the mall for my very first makeup lesson.  I love Clinique, forever and ever and I don’t plan on ever trying anything else.  I think 90% of my love for it is the packaging and branding, so clean and simple.  So here are my 5 makeup essentials, the products I use everyday.  Notice I don’t have any lip products, I’m not a huge lipstick/ gloss person, I can never remember to wear it, but I have it and my favorite product is

1.  Quickliner for Eyes.  Goes on very smooth, which is a must for me.

2.  Moisture Sheer Tint.  My second favorite product next to the mascara.  I never leave house without it also.

3.  Lash Power Mascara.  My favorite mascara, ever.  It won’t come off with eye makeup remover, only hot water takes it off.  I love, love, love it.

4.  Almost Bronzer.  No explanation needed.

5.  Touch Base for Eyes.  Love, love, love this stuff.  You can use it as a base or on its own, which is what I mainly due.

That’s about it!  Remember, if it takes you longer than five minutes to do your makeup, you’re doing it wrong.

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