Pretty, Pretty Dress

I was in Target yesterday and this dress caught my eye… I absolutely love it.  That’s the problem with Target, you go in to buy socks and you end up spending your whole pay check cause everything is so stinkin’ cute.

I love the beading, that it’s navy blue (my fave color).  The only problem is that they didn’t have it in my size, only one size smaller than I needed.  So, this weekend I’ve gone to two other Targets in the area in search of my size, and I couldn’t find the dress at all any either of the stores. Sooo… I did something you should never do, I bought it in the smaller size that I really can’t fit in at the moment.  BUT, and I know everyone says this, I really really am making a massive effort to drop about 20 pounds.  When the day comes that I can fit in it, I will snap a picture of it and post it here :)

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