Yearly IKEA Pilgrimage

It’s time… I feel it in my veins.  Time for my yearly IKEA pilgrimage.  I wish I could make it a seasonal pilgrimage, but alas my bank account does not allow for this.

You need to be prepared mentally and physically for your IKEA pilgrimage.  Mentally, you have to have a list of what you are going to buy.  Otherwise, if you are me, you will get so overwhelmed by the cute stuff and buy everything.  That is what I do when I get overwhelmed… just buy it all.

Physically, you need to be preparing your stomach.  This will be one of the finest culinary experiences of your year.  Make sure you are hungry enough for 1st lunch and 2nd lunch.  First lunch = Hot Dog, Soda and Cinnamon Roll upon arrival.  Then you shop and stop by the main cafeteria for second lunch.  Second lunch = SWEDISH MEATBALL heaven.  As you can see, you need to come hungry so you can leave happy.

And that’s how my IKEA pilgrimage goes down.  It is an exhausting but rewarding experience, and now, today it’s time…

And to keep me on track, here is today’s shopping list:

  • Bookshelf for my kitchen to serve as a pantry
  • Comforter since Henry the dog yet again barfed on mine and the dry cleaners refuses to wash it one more time
  • Maybe a hanging lamp for my dining room if I can find a large enough, cute enough one.
  • A few fresh plants because they are cheap and add so much good energy to your home.  But toss them out when they croak, because dead plants= BAD energy.
  • Hot dog, coke, cinnamon roll, Swedish meatballs.
  • That’s IT.  Nothing else.

I really need to start bringing along an accountability partner, to keep me on track, make sure I only buy what is on my list, pray for me.

And I’m off!  Happy Saturday everyone!

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