Swim Team Time

Summer is here, and it brings back many memories of swim team.

I hated swim team.

Like, my-sister-and-I-used-to-hide-in-the-shower-stalls-at-the-pool-and-cling-to-each-other-when-the-were-calling-our-name-over-the-loudspeaker-because-it-was-our-turn-to-race hate swim team.

True story.

I was bad at swimming.  Very, very bad.  Not playing at the pool swimming.  During the summer I lived at the pool… playing Marco Polo, Spider.  But competitive lap swimming?  No.

Our team had 3 levels, low, medium and advanced.  I was so bad, that I has demoted from the low level to be on a special team that consisted solely of me and a girl with cerebral palsy.

That is all.

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