Nautical Themed Wedding

If I had to pick my wedding colors right now, they would be navy blue and seersucker.  And yes, I realize seersucker is not a color, but a type of fabric.  And no, I am not engaged, nor am I even dating anyone.  But being a wedding planner I’ve pretty much already determined what my entire wedding is going to look like.  It’s inevitable…  I see pretty things all the time and think “Oh, I’ve got to have that.”

Source: LL Bean

I think guest welcome bags are always a fun idea… I love the idea of filling up a LL Bean boat & tote bag with some local goodies.  The bag in the image below is from Martha Stewart Weddings, if you follow the link below it will take you to details on the bag.

Source for the following 5 photos: Martha Stewart Weddings

I love these table ‘numbers’.

For more ideas check out this gallery on Martha Stewart Weddings.



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