Patty’s House

A few week’s ago I crashed at my friend Patty’s Florida house the night before I went on a cruise.  Patty has been asking me to come down for a few years now to help her decorate but I had not been able to make it down to Florida till the other week.  Here are a few (poor quality iPhone) photos of her place.

What I would change:

  • Replace all the tile in common areas with hardwood.  Not a fan of tile in living areas… it’s just so cold.  I’ve been dying for someone I know to try out IKEA’s cheapo laminate option:
  • Replace the fluorescent/ CFL light bulbs with incandescent.  Fluorescent lights especially suck all the life out of a room and belong in commercial spaces, not residential.
  • Fake plants = no, never, no way.
  • It’s very dark in the living area… there is a lot of dark wood.  One of my biggest design tips for everyone is to avoid matchy-matchy when designing a space.  Everything does not need to match, and this includes wood colors/ finishes.  Mix up light and dark colors and different textures to create a more home-like ambiance (and not so hotely).
  • I’m not going to even address the sliding door curtain issue.  Patty you know what needs to be done.  Well, if not, I would switch to a warmer color to lighten up the space and hang the curtains high and wide.
  • Art work- I haven’t confirmed this with Patty, but our friend told me that Patty got most of her furniture/ decor with the house as they were part of the model home’s decor.  I think the artwork is not cute, so I would toss what’s inside and paint the frames white and pick something cuter inside. Blowing up some personal photos is a great way for some cheap artwork for your walls.
  • Not a fan of the gargantuan TV cabinet.  I think it’s just way too big and too dark.  I like smaller consoles like this:

I think the biggest obstacle, like I mentioned before is that the space is just really dark.  I’m not a huge fan of the paint color (and the stripe) but it is warm so I think it helps.  Switching out the curtains with something lighter and downgrading the media console would help a lot.  As far as decorating, it would take a trip down there to pick out some cute pieces for the space.  Luckily for Patty there is an IKEA in Tampa which is not too far away.  Hope that helps Patty!

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