Dumpster Dive

I ordered some new Makeup from Clinique which came today in a package.  I opened the package and took all my new products out of their smaller packaging.  A little while later I needed to take the dogs out to the bathroom before bed so I grabbed the empty package so I could toss it out in the dumpster while we were out.  Shortly thereafter as I was cleaning up the living room to head upstairs for the night I realized as I was gathering my new makeup products that the mascara I had ordered wasn’t there.  Then it dawned on me I hadn’t taken it out of the package ever and was therefore in the dumpster.  I don’t know what came over me but it was as if I had accidentally thrown away my grandmother’s wedding ring and I had to get the mascara back immediately.  Before I knew it I had grabbed a dining room chair and booked it to the dumpster.  I climbed onto the chair and hoisted myself into the dumpster.  I was easily able to find the mascara as there wasn’t a ton of  trash in the dumpster at the moment.

Then came the difficult part; I couldn’t get out of the dumpster.  Climbing in I had the chair which made it easy to jump in, but getting out there was nothing to stand on.  I had a minor freak out; what if I had to spend the whole night in the dumpster?  What if I fell asleep and the next thing I knew I was being crushed in the trash truck.  After a minute or freaking and scheming, I was able to hoist one leg all the way to the top of the dumpster grab onto the wooden shelter surrounding the dumpster and pull myself up onto the ledge of the dumpster.  I then kicked off my shoes because I didn’t want to land on my beautifully upholstered dining room chairs.  When I was finally on the ground I saw two girls sitting in their car just staring at me with their mouths open.  Then I walked away.

And by the way, best mascara ever.  Lash Power by Clinique.  Totally worth diving into a dumpster for.

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