Amish Like Me

In middle school my dad and step-mom took my sisters and I to the Amish country in Lancastar, PA about once a year.  It really is beautiful there, especially in the fall.  And the food.  Oh the food; noodles, fudge, chocolate factories (Wilbur not Hershey’s), pies…. But the best part of all was the Amish people.  I kind of became… infatuated.  I remember we went on a tour of an Amish farm house and I asked the tour guide how often people convert to become Amish.  The answer was not often, obviously.  I think I was just so drawn to the simplicity of baking pies all day and being courted and driving in a buggy.  I mean who wouldn’t give up their iPhone for that? (or AIM screen name at the time for me).  My parents indulged me a little bit and bought me two Amish bonnets and this is the best part…. they took my to a legit Amish fabric store to buy fabric.  Yes, I sewed myself an Amish dress.  Without a pattern no less.  Which explains why the first attempt didn’t fit…. well it could if I kept my arms in front of me and stooped over.  So I sewed another one which fit and lucky for my little sister, she got to have my reject Amish dress.  Both her and I (well, not her) were thrilled to be Amish ladies for Halloween that year.  When I get my hands on that picture I promise I will post it here.

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