Busy Fall

It’s been a busy fall, and I can judge how busy I’ve been by how behind I am on magazine reading.  Christmas magazines just came in the mail today which stresses me out a bit- I’m not through reading fall issues of magazines.  It’s been an especially busy wedding season, in addition to getting paid for weddings with A Splash of Elegance I’ve also joined the wedding coordination team at my church, The Falls Church so I have been coordinating a lot of weddings for free.  It’s been good practice doing the processional and recessional which is the hardest and most stressful part of a wedding for me.  It’s like herding cats; getting all the family members where they are supposed to be.  Now that wedding season is winding down, I think I have one unpaid and one paid left, I can get caught up on my magazine reading, which makes me happy.

In case you are curious I currently subscribe to Southern Lady, Southern Living, Southern Weddings, (notice a trend?) House Beautiful and Real Simple.  RIP Domino Mag.

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