Cookbook Update Winter 2011

I’m running out of room for cookbooks.  I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before, I read cookbooks like books, when I get one I read it cover it cover.  Their really the only books I read for pleasure.

Of course I’m a huge Pioneer Woman and I’m loving her cookbook (below is me with her at her cookbook signing last year).  I’m looking forward to her new cookbook coming our soon.  Love both of Teresa Guidice’s cookbooks (from Real Housewives of New Jersey).  They are actually really great, simple Italian recipes.  Silver Palate is a classic and has a great chocolate chip cookie recipe.

I’m in the Junior League of Northern Virginia, and it’s a well-known fact that Junior League cookbooks have some of the best recipes around, which is not good for a cookbook junkie like me.  Sine I am a JL member I can get other league’s cookbooks for super cheap.  I really have to limit myself to buying them every so often.  And of course, specifically JL cookbooks from the South would have the best recipes.

Better Homes and Gardens is a great go to cookbook for just about any recipe.  Mennonite Country Style recipes is another favorite of mine.  It’s very dear to my heart because it was written by Mennonites in the Shenandoah Valley where I went to school.  And Lord knows the Mennonites and Amish know how to cook.  The Cotton Country Collection falling apart cookbook is a hand me down from my step mom which I have yet to open but apparently a lot of her classic recipes come from it.  And then the classic Paula Deens…. and the last one I saw for sale at Mount Vernon.  I had to buy it just because it was called Southern Cooking.  I had never heard of it but I love the South and I love cooking.

Martha Stewart’s Everyday Food Mag…. I stopped subscribing… great recipes, I just don’t need them at this point in my life as a single gal with no family to feed.  Being Dead Is No Excuse (The Official Southern Ladies Guide to Hosting the Perfect Funeral)….. so absolutely ridiculous I had to buy it, but some great southern recipes.  And so spot on.  The Beyond Mac & Cheese is a reject from my step-mom that I don’t use, but I gladly taken in most cookbooks that are looking for a good home.

Someday when I have my dream kitchen I want to have a whole wall of just cookbooks.  There are a ton in my amazon wishlist at the moment.  Some days I want to just splurge and order every single one of them.  How great would that be to get an amazon package in the mail of like 50 cookbooks?

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