December Style

….aka spending money I don’t have on clothes I don’t need.

Just wanted to share some shoes I’ve picked up recently that I’m enjoying:

Glitter heels…. my first pair of Christian Loubiutins!  Not.  They were $34.99 and from payless.  Wish I could find a link online but I can’t even though I just bought them.  Totally rocking them on New Years Eve, even though I can’t walk in them.

These ankle boots from a very expensive French boutique called Tar-get.  Once again, just bought them a week or two ago and can’t find the link online, sorry.

These were actually more than I should have spent… I think $100.  Of course these exact ones aren’t online either but here is similar pair:

The brand is Miz Moos and I am now a big fan.  There so not normally something I would get but I’m trying to branch out of my normal style which is boots, jeggings and a flowy blouse.

Last but not least:

Christian Soriano for Payless.  Love them.

I’ve gotten to the point that I feel more comfortable wearing heels than flats.  I guess it helps that I am 5’4″ and freakishly misproportioned and have short legs so I really do need to wear heels.

“Flats are for quitters.” -Avery, 30 Rock

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