Blik Headboard

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a fan of Blik’s product’s. I’ve been wanting to buy a bed for a while now but not really wanting to invest in one in case I meet a guy and he’s not really into a white wrought iron bed or a tufted headboard like I want, soooo for the time being I’ve settled on one of Blik’s wall decals.  I ordered their Olivia headboard in white.  It was a hard decision because my walls are so pale yellow and I’m concerned about it not showing up enough against the yellow.

I just got it in the mail and I haven’t even had a chance to open it.  I’m actually waiting to put it up because I just rearranged my room and I want to make sure that the new arrangement is how I really want to keep it because once I put the headboard up I don’t want to have to move it (even though they are apparently easy to take down and put up again).

Once I get it up I will take photos and post :)

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