New Dining Room Chandelier Shade

A few months ago I bought a cheapo IKEA pendant lamp to replace the ugly 70’s chandelier that came with the dining room in my rental town house.  It’s working out ok as a temporary replacement.  It did leave a little gap in the ceiling that I’ve been meaning to fix.  I finally got around to ordering a medallion from Home Depot.  Medallions are quick fixes to cover up and mess ups or to add a little decorative flare to the ceiling.  I just searched ‘medallion’ on and sorted it by price to find the cheapest one, this one was $8 something.  Since I’m just renting I’m not too interested in spending tons of cash on my house, just a quick fix.

My next thought is to replace the cheap shade with a slightly less cheap one from Ballard Designs.  These small Chandelier Drum Shades are only $18 but I think it would make a big difference.  I love a good drum shade.


I’m leaning towards the blue color even though I know your supposed to veer away from shades of blue in eating areas (it decreases the appetite).  Red is great to use in eating areas as it increases the appetite but I think the color.  I’ve yet to order the shade, when I do I will post a picture of my updated shade.

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