Falling Down, Chapter 3

In high school my sister Katherine and I went to see a movie at the local theater.  It was 2003 and I remember this because the movie Hulk was out and my sister and I thought it would be hilarious to get the Hulk sized popcorn…. aka the largest popcorn you can get, even larger than the largest popcorn you can normally get.  We didn’t see the Hulk, I don’t even remember what movie we did see because this story ends before we even got to our seats.

We got our Hulk sized popcorn and proceeded down the stairs to our movie.  I was carrying the popcorn and of course I tripped and fell all the way down the flight of stairs.  In the process of tripping the tub of popcorn flew in the air and the popcorn exploded out of it like an atomic bomb…. seriously it like went up 3 feet in the air and then out 4 feet before landing all over the floor, and on top of me, as I was now lying on the ground.  There were people everywhere and they all stopped and stared at me sprawled out on the floor.  I quickly got up, obviously very embarrassed.  I didn’t want all the complete strangers to think I tripped on my own accord so naturally I did what anyone would do, I slapped my sister and said “Katherine, OMG why did you push me?!?”   She looked so confused, she wasn’t sure whether to laugh, or to be mad because all the strangers were now giving her dirty looks for supposedly pushing me down the stairs.

I guess the saddest thing is we didn’t get to eat out of out Hulk sized popcorn tub.


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