Considering sinking to new lows and buying my dogs Duggz…. Uggs for dogs.  When it snows it’s so hard having to walk them because the salt on the sidewalks hurts their paws.  They will literally stop walking and put one paw up in the air and then another and look at me in agony… it’s really sad actually.  So I guess I’m not sinking to new lows, I guess I just never imagined I’d one day be buying boots for my dogs.  I spent an hour and a half today running errands and when I got home I realized it was all for my dogs, the vet to get heartworm medicine, Trader Joe’s to get dog food, and the dry cleaners to pick up my comforter which they had gotten dirty.  I won’t even tell you what they did to it, it’s so foul.

That is all.

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