Kick The Can

My step-mom recently had her knee replaced and has been having a physical therapist come to the house to help her recuperate.  My dad naturally jumped at the opportunity to express his deep concerns to the PT over my walking issues.  My walking issues are much greater in my dad’s mind than they actually are.  I’m fully aware that I inherited my mom and grandma’s genes and I walk just like them, very stiff without bending my knees or moving my hips.  My dad has been telling me my whole life to “kick the can”… supposedly that’s supposed to help me bend my knees when I walk.  He said he used to tell it to my mom all the time when she walked.  I hope she slapped him.

So the other day I was visiting my dad and step-mom at their house.  My dad was very, emphasis on very, excited to tell me that he had talked to the PT about my walking issues and the PT had diagnosed me as having a “frozen pelvis.”  Ummm, dad are you sure that’s what he called it?  My dad thinks he may have called it a tight pelvis but can’t really remember.  Nevertheless, the PT would be able to loosen my pelvis and according to my dad I would finally be able to take that weight off my hips.  Miracle of miracles.  By the time I called my sisters an hour later to tell them the ridiculous frozen pelvis story, they were already fully aware.  Apparently my dad had already excitedly called them to tell them the good news about my frozen pelvis.

“Thin Thighs in Thirty Days”

Originally posted December 9, 2009 on my old, nameless blog

I was about to leave for the evening yesterday when my dad called and asked me to wait 5 minutes as he was on his way to my house and he had something he really wanted to give me.

When he got there, he handed me this book:

It is copyrighted 1982 and it was my mother’s (back in 1982). He thought the frog kick exercise that they demonstrate in the book would really help “to loosen my hips” and help me “not walk like grandma.”

Thanks Dad.

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