My Not So Secret Closet

You know the Friends episode where Chandler is trying to break into Monica’s secret closet and when he does he finds that it’s the one place in the house that is totally unorganized?

I’m totally a Monica, I’m a shameless Obsessive Compulsive label making neat freak.  Except when I want not to be.  One area in my house I choose not to be is my linen closet.  It’s really only one shelf.  It all started out with fitted sheets.  My motto has always been that life is too short to fold fitted sheets, so I never have, I just kind of haphazardly scrunch them into a ball when they come out of the dryer.  And then I just got lazy with the flat sheets and pillow cases and started cramming them all into the top shelf of my linen closet.  It’s bad people.  And I have no intention of folding my sheets anytime soon.

One thought on “My Not So Secret Closet

  1. Hilarious! I think we all have a closet like this. I don’t mind folding the flat sheet… but the fitted is always a mess.

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