I was at the Kravet Showroom at the Washington Design Center the other day and I was so drawn to some of the furniture they had out.  Kravet is mainly known for their textiles but they do have a line of furnishings which I am a big fan of.

I loved both these two blue couches but the navy one below was my favorite… probably the rich, deep navy color.  I also liked the frame of it better than the other.

I really liked these chairs too- I liked the deep yellow color and straight lines.  I would even buy them off the showroom floor with the KK on them (because you know they’d be cheaper).

I loved this headboard.  I’ve always loved this style of headboard, tall, tufted, a light white variation.  Restoration Hardware has some similar ones which I’m sure I’ve written about before, they just seem so sumptuous.

I always love going to the design center, I feel like a kid in a candy store… all the best fabric and furnishing lines in the country in one place… I know the DC design center is small beans compared to the NYC or Chicago ones which I’d love to get to see someday…

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