I’ve been so busy lately and have so much on my plate and I’m just exhausted and I think it’s showing.  Grad school + working full time plus everything else I have going on is no joke.  Wedding season is heating up so between the weddings I am getting paid for and the ones I am doing for free at my church, and a whole bunch of projects for my interior design classes, I’m plain tuckered out and not thinking clearly.  When I get overwhelmed with the amount of work I have to do I kind of just shut down and don’t do anything.

Anyways, the other day I was walking my dogs when a 8 year old-ish girl came out of her house with her own dog.  She asked if our dogs could play, I of course said yes.  I knew her dog was some type of poodle mix but I could not figure out what the other half was so I asked her.  “She’s half poodle half werewolf.”  “Oh wow that’s really cool, I’ve never seen one of those.”  I totally believed her that her dog was half werewolf.  I think I was thinking of how sometimes dogs breed with wild wolves?  I’m not quite sure but it was at the end of a long day and the girl said it so confidently.  I’m not sure if she knew if she was totally punking me or if she really truly believed her dog was half werewolf.  It wasn’t till I walked away that I was like “Wait, whaaat…?”

The other week I was leaving work and I was absolutely exhausted, physically and emotionally just drained.  My car was totally out of gas so I had to pull over to fill up.  A cute guy in a BMW pulled up at the pump next to me so I immediately got my act together and glanced him a little smile.  He smiled back at me, but it was kind of a sad smile which I didn’t get at the moment.  After a few seconds passed he shyly came up to me and said “ummm… miss, sorry to tell you this but you…ummm… might want to fix your skirt.”  The entire back of my dress was tucked into the top of my tights so my rear end was hanging out for the whole gas station to see.

So that’s what I’ve been up to.  I did run into a wall yesterday, but thankfully no one saw.  I’m really trying to find a schedule and balance life out so I can start posting regularly again because wedding season is coming on quick and I have double the weddings I had last year, which is a good thing.

Lemon out.

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