Chain Gang

When I was in middle school I took the kids I was babysitting (at their parents request) to a local park so they could go roller skating.  My normal MO when babysitting is to babysit in the evening to prevent having to do any outside or physically exerting activities.  The best deal is when the parents order a pizza and you can just put in a DVD for the kids.  Anyways, this was not the case at this point.

So I got the kids to the park which was totally empty expect for us.  The kids had been roller skating for a few minutes when a county jail paddy wagon pulls up, and out comes pouring a good 15-20 criminals in orange prison jumpsuits.  The one lone police officer gets out of the paddy wagon for a minute, looks around, I make eye contact with him in what I thought was a desperate plea for help and then he gets back in the car.  Uhhhh.  They all spot me and circle us picking up trash all around us all the time smiling, smirking and whistling at me.  Bollocks.  This is not the emergency situations you plan for when you are 13 and take babysitting 101 classes.  Suffice it to say I was relieved to have to cut that park outing short.  The kids had no idea what the problem was and were very upset when I scream/ whispered “WE ARE LEAVING NOOOOOW.  GET IN THE CAR NOOOOWWWWW.”

The end.

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