What’s going on this April:

-First wedding of the season this weekend

-Attempting to read this 246 page book and write a 5 page paper on it in under a week.  Yeah right.  I think I’ll end up writing the paper based on the introduction.

-Getting ready for 3 weddings in May

-Final exams for History of Architecture and Textiles and Finish Materials

-Debating whether of not to take the summer off of classes.  I think I’m going to have to- too many weddings (which I guess is a good thing?  Right now I’m slightly losing it).

-Easter Brunch with my parents the other week: Dad “You are really looking good Julie since you’ve taken all this weight off.  You are a real catch now.”  Me “Was I not a catch before?”  Dad “No, you were just MORE of a catch.”

That is all.

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