I Have a Problem

I have a problem, and it is called Trader Joe’s Sutter’s Formula Cookies.  They are peanut butter chocolate chip cookies, and they are better than homemade.

Here is the problem, if I buy them, I eat the whole bag, usually before I even leave the store.  My first solution was to simply avoid eye contact with them upon entering Trader Joe’s.  “Look away.  Look away.  LOOK AWAY JULIE.”  This worked maybe…. once.  Once I lock eyes with them, it’s all over.  I tell myself, I’ll just open the bag and eat one.  And then, black out.  When I come to, I’m standing in some random aisle pretending to stare at dog food and there is like 2 cookies left in the bag.  Crap.

Next comes the obstacle of checking out and buying a bag of empty cookies.  I try and seal up the bag and hope they check out person doesn’t notice.  They always do.  “Someone got hungry!”  “Oh… yeah… I didn’t have any breakfast (lie) or lunch (lie) today. It’s all I’ve eaten (lie).”  “Would you like to keep the bag?”  At this point, I just grab the empty bag and stuff it in my purse and book it out the door.

Granted, there aren’t a ton of cookies, it’s a small bag.  I know the first step on recovery is admitting you have a problem, so, dear world, if you see me at Trader Joe’s, please just say “LOOK AWAY JULIE!”

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