Patty’s House Part 2

I’ve blogged before about my friend Patty’s house in Florida.  She’s moved and has a new (old -1955) house in Atlanta, and she wanted my opinion on what I’d do to it.

I love older houses, I would live in a 50 year old house before new construction any day.  The charm, architecture, you can keep the stuff that makes it unique but get rid of the run down and no longer working features and replace it with contemporary or replica features.

I love this house off the bat because 1) hardwood floors 2) I’m guessing original built ins.

Aaaannnnd there it is… knotty pine paneling!  I was just waiting for it.  Linoleum and laminate to top it off.  I’m sure the pine is original to the house, the linoleum flooring I’m pretty sure not, the counter tops either, but I haven’t seen them in person.

I think pine paneling can actually be quite nice, when treated/ stained/ painted to the perfect color.  In Patty’s kitchen, it isn’t working.  I think most people’s inclination would be to rip out the pine paneling.  I probably would do that in the kitchen, but maybe leave the pine paneling in at least one of the rooms, sand it down and paint it a pretty nantucket blue thin enough that the knots could still be seen through.  Back to the kitchen though, I’d really have to see the floor plan of the space because I would probably recommend tearing down some walls and moving things around.  We don’t live like they did in 1955, it’s all about open floor plan nowadays, and as you can see this kitchen is very closed off.  It’s very dark too.  I would move things around to allow more light into the space.

This kitchen has quite the mish mash of appliances.  9o’s/ 2000’s dishwasher, possibly original stove, the sink and fixtures were replaced sometime in the 80’s/ 90’s.  Gots to go baby, gots to go.  I wouldn’t toss the oven out right away, there may be someone out there who collects 1950’s appliances.  In fact I know there is, but I lost :( my master list of resources so I am slowly rebuilding it.

This living room is getting me really excited, seriously.  I just want to dig my hands in.  1) the brass surrounding the fire place needs to go.  2) The bricks surrounding the fire place, I would paint in some shade of white, maybe a linen.  Depends on how I am furnishing the room.  3)  Floor-  gots to go.  Hardwood to match the rest of the house.  4) Pine walls, this would probably be the one room I’d allow them to stay, just give them a good coat of paint.

I love love love the tiling on the floor of this bathroom, other than that I would gut everything else and replace it with some vintage looking fixtures to try and keep the character of the house alive.  Restoration Hardware would probably be my first stop.  Barn Light Electric is also a fun place to get vintagey light fixtures.

This is her main living room right after she moved in.  It’s really hard to say what I’d do furniture wise without physically being there.  I like how she has a much smaller TV cabinet in this house, the one she had in her Florida house was mammoth and dominated the room.  I could be wrong but it appears that the front door is to the left so the first thing you see when you walk in is the comfy seating area in the living room, not the TV.

That’s it for now…. at this point I just need her to buy me a plane ticket down so we can get down so I can see the place in person and get a better idea of how to arrange furniture/ what to buy, etc.

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