I’ve been doing eHarmony a few months now.  You get matched with people and then you can proceed through guided communication where you can ask each other questions.  For one of the stages of guided communication, you can write your own questions, or you can pick some that they have already written to ask. I always pick ones they have already written, because most of them are ok, like “What is one dream for your life you look forward to having come true.”  It’s not normally something you would ask someone you don’t know, but questions like these are good out helping you filter out the weirdos from the people you actually want to get to know.

There are however a few questions that whenever I see them, I’m just confused.  Who on earth wrote these questions?  How are you supposed to answer them?

“When do you feel most afraid?” Ummm, when I’m walking my dogs at night and I think a rapist is hiding in the bushes.  When I think about dying alone and childless.  How do they expect people to answer this question without sounding like a freak?

“Describe your personal style.” I’m guessing this is referring to personality?  I don’t know.  My dating style?  My decorating style?  My clothing style?  Huh?

“Why did you join eHarmony?” Because I want to meet someone duh.  Because I am socially awkward and can’t meet someone in real life.

Every time I get to this stage and I have to choose questions to send to men, I am so tempted to choose these ridiculous questions to see what in the heck they would say.

That’s all for now on eHarmony.


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