DIY Crate Bookshelf

My sister Katherine, who lives in Los Angeles, just moved in to a new apartment and we have been talking about choosing paint colors via text message:


I snapped a few iPhone photos from one of my favorite paint books, House Beautiful’s Colors for Your Home and texted her some ideas, although the colors really didn’t translate via phots.

Buy this book.  Pronto.

In the end she just went to Home Depot and got a few samples of a different colors, and texted me the swatches.  She picked the lighter olivey green per my direction as you can see in the text convo above.

She also built her own bookshelf out of crates which I thought was a really neat idea so I wanted to share it here.  Here is her explanation of how she did it:

“Saw this on etsy…
…and that’s where I got the idea from.  However that particular one was a little expensive and I just couldn’t justify spending that much money on it.  But I kept thinking about it for weeks and decided I really really wanted something like that so I started going to flea markets, looking on craigslist, etc for wooden crates.  I found this local dealer in OC.”


“They posted the picture of the crates from the original etsy store I saw, even though their crates are not like that at all.  I went and met with them in person and they let me handpick each crate. It took 15 crates to create the size shelf I was wanting, and I ended up only spending half of what I would have paid on the etsy store from the first link.  The guy I bought it from is a middle man- he goes around to farms in the area and buys the crates whole sale. So he has TONS of them.  I bet if I had taken the time to go to the farms myself I could have found them for cheaper, but I wouldn’t really know the best way to go about it.”


“I took them home and washed them off.  I went to Home Depot and bought some wood protectant spray.  You can get it in satin, semi-gloss, or high gloss.  I liked the original texture of the wood and didn’t want it to be too glossy so I opted for the satin.  I then fastened the back of the crates together (I sent you a pic of this).  Anyway, I LOVE how they turned out.”




I can’t explain the book on Demons.  You will have to ask her.



So voila.  That’s how to make a DIY crate bookshelf.  Cute and seems super simple.

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