Thrift Store Finds

I’ve never been a fan of thrift stores. I think it’s the unknown aspect of it- what if someone was wearing that shirt when they died? I know it’s really strange, but I generally just get creeped out by them. Who knows what negative associations the stuff in there has with them.  #paranoid #OCD.  However I have been popping in one recently that is operated by the retirement community where I work for my day job. (I know, I’ve never talked about my day job before. It is probably because it has nothing to do with the career path I am heading down and there are so many stories I’d love to tell about working with senior citizens, but I can’t, so I will leave it at that). Being that these items come from the residents within the community who are all former military officers and their spouses, there are some really nice things as the residents generally well-off after a lifetime of being a military officer.

I think this is my favorite- it’s a pretty white cake plate. I just love the detail.  I’m sure the pattern has a name… kind of a scalloped edge and then the dots on the bottom.  I think it was $10 which is a steal.



How about my awesome photo styling skills?



I also found on a separate occasion this bowl and plate set and a appetizer type thing.  I really need to learn what they are actually called.  Again I love the detail- the little dots on the rims.




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