Parent’s Wedding Menu


This is the wedding menu from my parent’s wedding in 1980.  I have it hanging framed in my house- my parent’s met in France while my mom was living there as a missionary, hence the French menu.




Full text- PLEASE comment with spelling errors (due to me reading the calligraphy wrong) and translations.  I’m going to give my best attempt at translations, I’m not going to look up what I don’t know at the time being because that would take forever.

Réception pour (Reception for)

Mr. et Mrs. Ken Daniel

Fourth Presbyterian Church

23 Août 1980 (August 23, 1980)

Paté de foie volaille

Terrine de veau

Mousse de saumon (Salmon mousse?)

Terrine de crevettes aux petits légumes (? with small vegetables?)

Pain de campagne en surprise (Champagne bread?)

Pain bis au raisin sec (Wet raisin bread?  That can’t be right)

Pain de seigle

Salade de concombres à la menthe (Mint cucumber salad)

Salade de riz betterave et petits pois (Rice salade ? and small ?)

Assortiment de barquettes: (Assortment of ?)

-Crème de camembert et cresson (Creme of camembert and ?)

-Crevettes au sauce andalouse (? with andalouse sauce)

Petites feuilletés: (Small ?)

-D’asperges sauce mornay (? sauce ?)

-Salade de poulet à l’estragon (Chicken salad ?)

Tarte à l’oignon (Onion tarte- I know I got that one right_

Tourte aux moules normande (Some kind of cake)

La Tour Eiffel aux légumes (Eiffel Tower made out of vegetables)

Arcs de Trimomphe  de l’Etoile au fruits de l’eté (Arcs de Triomphe ? with fruits ?)

Plauteau des fromages (Cheese plate)

Charlotte aux pêches et framboises (? peach ?)

Charlotte au chocolat (Chocolate Charlotte- what is that?)

Tartelletes au quelques fruits (? with assorted fruit)

Paris-Brests (huh?)

Croquembouche (Croquembouche- a cake of creme puffs)

Gâteau (Cake)

Here are a few pics from the day.  I think this is all there is of the food: Not sure what this is ..

This must be the Veggie Eiffel Tower:

Just for fun, here is my (maternal) grandparent’s wedding photo from 1945 (I think).  I don’t have a scanned photo of my parent’s at their wedding, otherwise I’d post it too.

Aren’t they cute?

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