What To Do In DC


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[I’m going to try and write this post not sounding like a total Debbie Downer].  I’ve never been shy about the fact that DC is not my favorite place.  I’ve just never felt at home here, even though I was born and raised in the DC suburbs.  However, over the past few months I’ve come to really appreciate its uniqueness and charm.  It’s hopefully not the place I’ll spend the rest of my life, but while I’m here I want to make the best of every minute.  Here are a few of my favorite things to do in and around DC.

Mount Vernon– George Washington’s home in Virginia.  My favorite time of the year is at Christmas.  I remember going when I was little and they were giving out hot cider and ginger snaps and it was such a fun time.

Nationals Park–  I love me some baseball, and I love my Nats.  Nothing like sitting at a baseball game with a hot dog in one hand, a coke in another, and the Capitol dome staring at you.

Great Falls Park– There is a Maryland side and a Virginia side, I of course am partial to the Virginia side.  A National park that overlooks the falls on the Potomac River.  Great to bring the kids or dogs or have a picnic.

Gravelly Point–  Probably in my top three.  In Arlington, Virginia, Gravelly Point is a park right before Reagan National Airport right along the river.  The planes fly right over you, and me loving the water and being obsessed with airport (I can’t explain that one), this is one of my favorite places.  I want to go on a picnic date here sometime.

Annapolis- In Maryland, my dad has had a boat here since I can remember.  I love being on the water, I love being in town.  Sailing the boat up and docking at Cantler’s, getting crabs [or chicken tenders because I don’t eat seafood].  Storm Brothers Ice Cream.  Men in uniform.  [Now that I am older than the Naval Academy students, that sounds so creepy].

Georgetown Waterfront Lots of great restaurants right on the river.  I like being near the water, as you can tell.

Old Town Alexandria  Great shopping, very charming.

Oatlands Plantation About 45 minutes outside of DC in Leesburg, Virginia.  Classic southern plantation.  If I had the bucks I would have my wedding here.  It is oh so beautiful.

Hotel Washington– (Now the W Washington Hotel) Sitting on the rooftop you can see into The White House.

From my dad- his favorite thing:  Sitting at McLean Family Restaurant.  (Seriously that man goes there 5 times a week.  It is nothing special, just a local diner, but we’ve been going there for years).

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