Les Mis


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My only complaint about Les Miserables is that is wasn’t a sing-a-long.  Do you know how hard it was for me to keep my mouth shut during “I Dreamed a Dream”?  If there hadn’t been a stranger sitting next to me I would have more than quietly hummed along.  Why a theater has not done a singing friendly showing yet is beyond me.

I’ve loved Les Mis since I was a little girl.  When we were young, on the 16 hour car ride down to Florida to see my grandma my dad would put the soundtrack on and that’s all we would listen to… over and over.  By middle school I would hole myself up in my room and sing “On My Own” into a hairbrush time after time on my bed.  I vividly remember having to jump off my bed onto the floor and run to the dresser to press the back button on my boom box (yes, it was 1997 and I had a boom box) so I could sing it again and again.


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One of the biggest internal struggles I have, often on a daily basis, is who I would play in the event that I was offered to be any of the female roles in Les Mis.  Seriously people, I wonder these things.  Fantine?  How could you not choose her, “I Dreamed a Dream” is just so wonderful.  But then you have to take into consideration the costumes.  I’ve mentioned before how I think I was born in the wrong century and how I would wear hoop skirts every day if I could.  Naturally that leads me to want to play Cosette, but she really doesn’t have that huge of a role and not the best songs.  That leaves Eponine.  I may just have to go with her, because let me tell you I have “On My Own” DOWN.  I can belt that thing like nobody’s business.  Only in my car though, which is why this is all hypothetical.

C’est tout.

One thought on “Les Mis

  1. Oh, I SO agree!! Courtney and I saw Les Mis last night and had an almost identical reaction…singing into the hairbrush–been there! ;)

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